L’attrait Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo) has been developing a wide variety of comprehensive real estate businesses from its establishment in 1990, ranging from real estate development to real estate sales and property management. Capitalizing on our long experience and know-how, we have established a local subsidiary in Cambodia in order to contribute to the urban development and economic growth of the country which is experiencing significant economic growth.

In recent years, Cambodia has continued to manifest outstanding economic growth among ASEAN countries, and many companies around the globe are expanding their businesses into this country. Its advantageous location surrounded by Thailand, Vietnam and Laos is becoming the focus of attention as a vital distribution base, and steady progress in the overland infrastructure is seen. In comparison to nearby countries, its low labor costs are also appealing. Due to the huge population of young people, significant future population increase is anticipated, presenting a tremendous potential from the aspect of manpower supply.

With the technological transfer and human resource cultivation characteristic of Japanese companies, we will exert our utmost effort in providing meticulous service. Our aim is to address the varied needs of our clients through real estate, such as support for those who seek to advance into the Cambodian market, introduction of real estate investments, intermediary support services, and sublease operations.

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About L’attrait

L’attrait, Co. Ltd was established in 1990. We have more than 25 years of experience as a pioneer of renovation condominium business. In a real estate industry which is becoming increasingly specialized, we seek to achieve diversification that is different from other corporate strategies. To that end, we have built an omnidirectional business portfolio ranging from a newly-built condominium business, renovation of used homes, asset management and property management, and have established a unique business model as a “comprehensive real estate company,” thus developing a diverse real estate business. By accurately assessing social needs, flow and changes in the overall real estate market, we endeavor to contribute toward the attainment of an appealing lifestyle through the development and supply of attractive products which are a step ahead of the times.

Company Profile

L’attrait Property Development Inc.

  • 【Showroom】No.10E, Street 57, Phum 9, BKK1, Boeung Keng Kang, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • 【Phone Number】+855-(0)23-900-053
  • 【Website】
  • 【Establishment】March,2015
  • 【Capital】$500,000 (as of April,2017)
  • 【CEO】Shinji Muto
  • 【Business】
    • ・Real EstateDevelopment
    • ・Real Estate Investment
    • ・Business Expansion Support